Top School Fundraising Ideas

Top School Fundraising Ideas

School fundraising can be of real help especially in offering books to classrooms, scholarships to students, resources to teachers. Having a properly planned and executed fundraising strategy can help in making the difference between simply surviving and thriving in most of the schools fundraising efforts. Apart from that timely fundraising might allow the school to offer better extracurricular activities, daycare, educational programs, and after school clubs. There are some serious benefits of school fundraising. Students can surely gain confidence and valuable leadership skills. Fundraisers always need the students, teachers, and parents to work hand in hand with each other in order to meet the overall goal. Apart from that, students also get to learn the importance of creativity, community, caring for others, and also ways of improving the common environment. Fundraising also helps parents to get more involved and play a better role in their children’s life. Finally, the extra funds also allow the institutions to improve their programs and facilities.

Here Are Some Of The Best School Fundraising Ideas

  • Try Selling School Merchandise In Order To Raise Money

Almost all schools have some special colors, a mascot, a motto, or different other elements that make up its identity. You can try out helping your fellow students, teachers, or their famsily member to show off their school spirit by selling merchandise and raising money. Your school can even sell its own merchandise at fundraising events, school stores, or even through different online portals.

Here is a list of a few items that your school can start selling.

  1. Novelty products such as towels, mugs, posters, picture frames etc.
  2. Lunchboxes and backpacks.
  3. Basic school supplies such as pencils, erasers, notebooks, pens etc.
  4. Branded garments replicating your school mascot, motto, and color.
  5. Items such as bracelets, games, and stickers.
  • Try Out A Scratch Card School Fundraiser

Scratch card school fundraisers is a new fundraising trend altogether and it is a fun activity for the whole community. Scratch card fundraising is a great way to reach the school fundraising goals fast. In this technique, the school volunteers approach their family, friends, and neighbors and ask them to scratch two different circles off of their school fundraising cards. Under each circle, there can be a small donation amount of around $0.10 to $3.00. Once they are done with the scratching of the cards, they can do the donations. School scratch card fundraisers are really an easy way to raise money for schools. They are good for:

  1. After school programs and student clubs.
  2. Extramural and intramural sports teams.
  3. Fun learning events and field trips.
  4. Musical programs such as orchestra and marching bands.
  • Try Engaging In Peer To Peer Fundraising

Peer to Peer fundraising is another great fundraising strategy that is good for any sort of school fundraising goal. In peer to peer fundraising, the school officials call on community members in order to set up several fundraising pages on their behalf. These members then reach out to different solicit donations and online networks for the school’s fundraising campaigns. Peer to peer type of fundraising is not only a nice way to earn and raise money for school but it is also a great way to grow the overall school community for supporters. As because these peer to peer type of fundraising campaigns are spread by members over the internet, therefore these campaigns get to reach more people than ever. Through this method school donors really don’t need to live in a single community or have a child studying in that particular school.

Overall these years ApparelNow has been trying to develop ideas and imaginations. With the help of ApparelNow, you can now generate several fundraising ideas for unique school fundraisers. Our company was formed completely based on the principle of returning back great business. No matter if you want to buy custom made items, merchandise, or school apparel or become an influential entrepreneur, everything is possible with ApparelNow.

How to Build a Fundraising Page For Unique School Fundraisers

How to Build a Fundraising Page For Unique School Fundraisers

Creating a page for fundraising is indeed very important for any sort of unique school fundraiser. It is even noticed that there are many organizations that put a hyperlink routing their payment page directly on their website page, thinking that their job is done and people will donate. Most of these organizations often wonder and complain that they couldn’t find any increase in their overall donations. Remember there are a lot of other things that can be done in order to experience a significant boost to online donations, such as creating enticing call to actions, putting out engaging content on your website and talking about how the fundraiser will make a difference to readers. Once your website is properly set to receive donations, it becomes easier for the donor to donate online while eliminating all the administrative work of preparing for the donation process.

Here we have listed few steps of building a perfect fundraising page.

Step 1: Making Use Of A Fundraising Software:

Using a fundraising software or tool can be of real help in creating a fundraising page easily. With the help of a fundraising tool or software, you can cater to several benefits such as:

  • Automated receipts.
  • Responsive design language.
  • Professional and customizable forms.
  • Perfect integration with any website.
  • Features such as recurring donations.
  • Robust analysis and reporting.

Most of these fundraising tools or software doesn’t require any sort of previous coding experience. Anyone and everyone can easily create and optimize a fundraising page. Making an account with such tools only require to sign up in order to get access to the backend dashboard where all sorts of activities can be carried out. Using these tools can help in making a donation page ready in just a few minutes.

Step 2:  Building A Structure Of The Donation Page

Creating a roadmap upfront can be of real help in setting up a donation page. This can help in knowing all the specific questions to include and can also help in sorting those intuitively. Remember to make your donation page logical and cohesive. This can be achieved by creating a structured roadmap plan before building the donation page.

Step 3: Creation Of The Form

A donation form is a must necessity whenever it comes to the collection of donations. It is essential to provide a name to the form and then add a brief description to it in order to make your donors know how precise your campaign is. You can also try out changing the language and currency of your form if needed.

Step 4: Adding Some Payment Processors:

Most of the fundraising tools or software supports two types of payment options: Stripe or PayPal. Both these payment gateways are highly secured whenever it comes to privacy. In order to optimize all your donations, it is always a good idea to register both with PayPal and Stripe.

Step 5: Creating The Donation Page:

Remember a donation page is a picture portrait of any school fundraising idea. Therefore it is very much essential to make it both functional and beautiful. Designing a page with bright colors and images can surely enhance a donors experience. Never forget to make the form lucrative as it creates a more professional, and authoritative look.

Step 6: Don’t Make Use Of Repetitive Information

A great way to simplify the form is by reducing any sort of duplicate information. For instance, it is seen that people add the same billing and shipping address. Try not to make your donors fill the same information numerous times. Remember the easier and shorter it is to fill a donation form, the more likely your donors will send their offerings.

Overall these years ApparelNow has been trying to develop ideas and imaginations. With the help of ApparelNow, you can now generate several fundraising ideas for unique school fundraisers. Our company was formed completely based on the principle of returning back great business. No matter if you want to buy custom made items, merchandise, or school apparel or become an influential entrepreneur, everything is possible with ApparelNow.😌

Custom Apparel Clothes – The Trend Of The Next Generation

Custom Apparel Clothes – The Trend Of The Next Generation

There can be nothing better that can help you put a pep into your step other than a flattering, well-fitted item of clothing. Clothes surely has a significant impact on a human’s emotions, confidence, and even life trajectory. This being said, each and every person in this universe is different from one another and the concept of one size fits all is no doubt a complete myth. In fact, there can be instances when the actual sizes differ from store to store. There can chances of yours having size 2 pant in one store and size 5 in the other. In order to get a perfect fit of clothing, there is only one option- custom clothes. Here in this blog, you can read all the benefits of custom-made clothing.

Here We Have Listed The Biggest Benefits Of Getting Your Clothes Custom Tailored

  • The Perfect Fit: As said earlier that the built of every individual is different. Therefore there can’t be anyways by which a piece of clothing bought from the rack will fit a person perfectly. Whenever you are planning to make your clothing custom-tailored, all your exact measurements are taken such that your new outfit fits you like a glove. Not only, your custom clothing will be a perfect fit, but you can even get to handpick the fabric materials and the remaining add on.


  • Custom Clothing Can Provide The Best Of The Best Materials: While talking of materials always remember that the fabrics used for custom made clothes are made from the best materials ever available. This happens mainly because these dress or outfit clothes aren’t used for mass production that is sold in the retail stores. In most of the cases, custom tailors are very keen on their precision. Most of them adhere to very strict standards of stitches on every inch. This quality helps in making the dress material extremely long-lasting and durable. Users or buyers can rest easy knowing the fact that custom made clothing will get to survive any significant stretches.


  • Custom Clothing Are A Big Time Saver: There can be certain times when it might seem difficult to find a piece of clothing that suits perfectly to a picture that you are imagining on your head. Even if you get to find one, there are often the chances that it won’t fit you perfectly. When you are buying a custom made cloth, you are getting a complete peace of mind knowing its quality and how long it would take to be done. Now with custom clothing, you can spare yourself from the experience of running around here and there frantically for hours in order to get a perfect clothing.


  • Flaunting Your Style Is A Breeze With Custom Clothing: Remember the way you dress, says a lot about your style and the person you are. In case you are still using the same piece of clothing that is being produced at mass levels each and every time, then you are very much prone to look just like the other guy around. Boring! With the help of custom made clothing, you can easily bring out your individuality and can express your creativity in a whole new way such that ready-made clothes can’t simply offer. What we mean by saying that is whenever anybody tells you something good about what you are wearing, you can proudly own the fact that you have been a collaborator of your outfit.


  • Custom Clothing Lasts Longer Than Readymade Ones: Anybody can always know the fact that custom clothes won’t give you a surprise by suddenly ripping off just when you are ready to head out from your house. These garments are surely a perfect long term investment that will last for years to come. Initially, though the prices might seem a bit high, but if you calculate all the years of usage, you will surely get away from it. In simple words, custom clothing is really worth the investment. Whenever it comes to your wardrobe remember quality is something you should prefer above quantity.

Over all these years ApparelNow has been trying to develop ideas and imaginations. With the help of ApparelNow, you can now generate several fundraising ideas for unique school fundraisers. Our company was formed completely based on the principle of returning back great business. No matter if you want to buy custom made items or merchandise or become an influential entrepreneur, everything is possible with ApparelNow.

How To Become Successful In Fundraising Campaigns

How To Become Successful In Fundraising Campaigns

Whenever it comes to raising money for any cause, such as a high school, it is always a great idea to look out for innovative and new ideas that can excite your brand supporters. After all, it would be bad to expect people to remain inspired for donating in case you use the same age-old strategies. If your team wants to add more funds to your fundraising campaign, you are just at the right place. Here at ApparelNow, we will help you out with some of our best fundraising campaign ideas for each and every nonprofit.

List Of Some Of The Best Fundraising Ideas

  • Peer To Peer Fundraising: Experts say that this is no doubt the best method of gathering funds as it channels the energy of your dedicated supporters into a proper fundraising action. Here is the way it works.
  1. All your volunteer fundraisers reach out to their respective family, friends, high school alumni and every community member by doing a lot of social media shares on a daily basis.
  2. All your team members help in empowering supporters in order to launch several peer to peer fundraising pages, especially for your cause.
  3. All the members of your network can then donate through the volunteer fundraising social media page.

Not only this method is a great way to galvanize dedicated supporters but this can also help a lot in bringing your cause to those people who don’t know your presence or your goals. Through peer to peer fundraising ideas, you are not only reaching your fundraising goal but you are even growing your community on the whole. This fundraising method is a great way to raise money for school events.

  • Fundraising Through Letters: There isn’t any secret to it that effective donor communications are often called the heart of smart fundraising. With the help of letters, you can easily take the level of your donor communication to new heights. This method is a tried and true fundraising idea that can be custom made for every donor type, high school fundraiser initiative or even nonprofit campaigns. You can even customize the letter to encourage supporters to:
  1. Become peer to peer volunteer.
  2. Ask your donors to attend all your fundraising events.

Before you start off with your fundraising campaign, never take your supporters for granted. It is always a good idea to start your fundraising letter with a thank you for their previous donation and continuous support. After you are done with all these, then you can provide a link to your official fundraising page or even launch your solicitation. Fundraising with the help of letters can be a great school fundraising idea.

  • Fundraising Through Walkathons: In case you are associated with the non-profit world for a good amount of time, you might be aware of how effective walkathons can be. However, this time you can take all the walkathon events to a whole new level with the help of fundraising tech solutions. Here are a few things that you can refer to:
  1. You can tie your walkathon event with a peer to peer fundraising campaign that can count down to the big day of yours.
  2. You can now accept gift on-site during your walkathon event with the help of text to give, mobile giving terminal, or even a fundraising kiosk.
  3. You can even try out launching an event page, where your supporters can visit before or after the event and try donating some generous gifts.

Walkathons can be termed as just perfect. They can be the best way to bring all your online supporters and your community members at a place. No matter whatever your mission is, try considering the walkathon for your next fundraising event. Walkathon is indeed a very easy fundraising idea that anyone can try out.

Overall these years ApparelNow has been trying to develop ideas and imaginations. With the help of ApparelNow, you can now generate several fundraising ideas for unique school fundraisers. Our company was formed completely based on the principle of returning back great business. No matter if you want to buy custom made items or merchandise or become an influential entrepreneur, everything is possible with ApparelNow.

How Your Apparel Defines Your Personality

How Your Apparel Defines Your Personality

It is rightly said that “a person is known by his address and his dress”. Personality development plays a big role in the overall development of a person. It helps in significantly enhancing a person’s self esteem. Sometimes it is very important to know what you are wearing. Try finding out if the dress actually looks good on you or not. An individual needs to be extra careful of their built, body type, weight, and complexion when trying on custom made clothes. Remember what you wear can inform your passer-by about your employment type, as well as your emotions, you’re ambitions and your spending habits. As of now, the way you dress can be typically called a whole new type of psychology.

“A well-dressed boy is better than a man wearing a dirty looking suit” explains that how you look is regardless until and unless you have a personality driving next to it. A person can anytime create a look but never create a personality. Style and clothing help in giving you the charm to hold on to that personality for as long as you are keeping up with it. Remember whenever you dress good, you look good and you feel good. With all that said, here are seven dress codes that help in telling people if you are snob, confident, approachable, and insecure.

  • T-shirt: People who tend to wear t-shirts are often perceived as a very practical and easy-going person. No matter if it’s a classy looking polo or an old t-shirt, people will be surely drawn towards you just because of the reason you exude an aura of fun. It symbolizes that you never pressurize yourself too much about your attire and even don’t judge others on what they wear.

T-shirt not only portrays a casual outlook but even helps in telling the world that there are much more than those clothes you wear. It clearly says that you are more interested in interacting with others rather than only focusing on your daily fashion. Well, this might be the reason why we always spot CEO’s like Mike Zuckerberg in a t-shirt doing a conference with other dignitaries.

  • Jeans: Much like a t-shirt, jeans are also known to portray a casual, free-spirited, and easy-going look. Wearing jeans shows your practicality and freedom towards the task you have. Jeans are also versatile in nature, which means it can be worn in both your office or your weekend camping program. 

Apart from this, the effort you put in your dressing helps people in pointing out your personality much better. A person who is dressed in oversized jeans and sneakers is surely not putting much thought into what they wear. Although there can be times when you can be judged as careless, others might conclude that your perception of clothing is not something that can define you. If the pair of jeans you are wearing is of spot styles like ripped or distressed then you are just about fashion. This can make you appear appealing and stylish to both the genders.

  • Boots: Boots often show a sense of power. For the ladies, a pair of nice boots help in complementing femininity and also generates a very strong fashion sense. For men, boots often define masculinity, machoism, and the alpha male character. In case you pair boots with leather jackets, then you surely have a bad body.


  • Hoodies: Hoodies generally portray either one of two things. First is that the person wearing a hoodie is either timid or shy or prefers to remain mysterious to other people. On the other hand, hoodies that are styled in textures, patterns, or cool fabrics can show your taste towards fashion. Wearing multi-colored or bright hoodies shows a sense of adventure or energy.


  • Solid Colored Dress: Mostly solid colors are preferred by those who are precise and direct in nature. These colors are worn by people who like to steer clear and simple. Mostly the individuals who wear solid colors never appreciate it when others don’t see the world as white and black as them. In most cases, these people are stubborn and might dismiss you if you aren’t direct.


  • Branded Clothing: Branded clothing is all about portraying your social class. Most of the fashion houses are always praised in magazines, streets, television, and even music videos because their labels are expensive and people who buy them like to show off their successful and wealthy lifestyle.


  • Suits: People who tend to dress in suits are mostly perceived as formal, sophisticated, and complex. Suits tend to exude a sense of power especially in corporate areas and even acts as a symbol of success outside the office premises. Anyone wearing a suit can earn the title of “SIR” with lots of adoration from others, especially from that of the female gender.

Clothes are an extension of our personality. They help us in telling people a lot about us, where we come from, and what we think in our life. If there’s one advice we can give you, it would be to dress yourself according to what you feel for yourself. At ApparelNow we help in providing customized clothing with graphic designs, artwork, and logos. With us, you can shop anything from national parks gear, military merchandise, printed school spirit wear, or even pro sports team shirt. You can even create your free online fundraiser store really quick and simple. Your e-store can be customized with your colors and logos that can help in meeting your specific needs.

How Are Custom Clothes Different From Ready Made Clothes

How Are Custom Clothes Different From Ready Made Clothes

Well, we are living in a civilized era where apparel plays a very important role. Clothing is always considered as the coverings of limbs and torso. Moreover, it is also called the covering of feet, head, and hands. Traditionally clothes are introduced to protect our external layer of the body from natural calamity. When it comes to natural calamity, it refers to various extreme weathers such as cold, precipitation, intense heats, and strong wind. During the cold, it does not let our body temperature down and on the other side, if we talk about summer, it prevents our body from burning.

However, the reason for putting on clothes is not only a functional one. There are many social reasons behind it. If we consider the present situation, your attire will reflect your character and it is something through which you can create a solid impression upon others. People belonging to different cultures put on different types of clothing. Moreover, we wear different clothing in different situations, and depending upon these, we now have different types of clothing available in the market such as an undergarments, bottom garments, top garments, swimwear, party wear, nightwear, workwear, sportswear and many more. Well, if we try to find out the differences, we will have an endless list. Here, we will make a brief breakdown of the manufacturing point. Yes, in terms of manufacturing, there are mainly two different types of clothes- custom clothes and ready-made clothes.

There is a debate or a kind of ‘cold war’ running between these two industries. Most people prefer readymade clothes whereas some people love to put on custom clothes. Everything has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Go through the following points to know more about it:

Custom Clothes

Well, custom clothes refer to tailor-made customized clothes. In this case, the customers can make their clothes as per their requirements. Everything starting from measurements to stitching is done manually and the fitting always remains perfect. Custom clothes or tailored clothes indicate luxury and durability and if you can invest a good amount of money and time, you will definitely have a brand consumers like. Custom clothes last longer and they deliver a alluring beauty and enchanting look. It does not matter whether you are putting on a custom formal cloth or custom party wear, you will definitely become a point of attraction in the crowd.. Here, we have added some positive aspects of wearing custom clothes. So, don’t miss to go through the following points:

  • Custom Fit: Well, fitness is the most important concern when it comes to clothing, and custom clothes or tailored clothes are something where you will not find this issue. This is probably one of the reasons why people invest in custom clothes. Here, the tailor takes all the required measurements from your body and on the basis of it, clothes are made. If you are making summer wear, you can make it loose and on the other side, you can go with close-fitting for the winter wear. Moreover, if you are going for party wear, you can make it close-bodied as it will create a solid impression upon others. However, the final call will be yours. If you love wearing loose and unfastened, you can go with it.


  • Enchanting Styles and Cuts: Well, people believe that readymade clothes come with enchanting styles and cuts. But, it is not at all true. Tailoring is a professional career and if you give the proper direction, you can achieve what you want. You can make it as per your shape. You can customize the taper, pleats, gussets, width, collar shape, and many more. Moreover, if you choose any professional tailor, you don’t need to speak much as their experience will let them know your requirements. The best thing is that you will never get such cuts and styles in readymade clothes and therefore if you want an enchanting look, tailored clothes will be an ideal option for you.


  • Efficiency: If you invest in tailored clothes, they will never let you down. Therefore, there will not be any compromise with quality. Clothes purchased from department stores might not last long and the clothes might have disputes. But, you will not experience such a thing in the case of custom clothes.

Ready-Made Clothes

Readymade garments or readymade clothes are considered as the mass-produced textile products of the garment industry. The study of anthropometric is inextricably related to readymade clothes. These are not custom clothes; these clothes are made on the basis of the anthropometric study. There is a generalized measurement in the case of readymade clothes and different types of fabrics as well as yarns are used to make such garments.

If we talk about the present situation, the popularity of readymade clothes is increasing day by day. Because of its mass production, it is always available in the market and everyday new designs are coming in the market. Various online platforms such as ApparelNow are selling readymade clothes at a very reasonable price. One of the remarkable differences between readymade clothes and custom clothes is availability. Yes, in the case of readymade clothes, you don’t have to wait as you will get it whenever you want. Moreover, these are available in different sizes and so, there will not be any issue regarding the size. The price is also pocket-friendly and you can even get premium readymade clothes at a very pocket-friendly price at ApparelNow.

By now, you have probably understood the differences between custom clothes and readymade clothes. Now, the entire thing depends upon you. You can choose whatever you want.

Why Choose ApparelNow To Create Your Online Store

Why Choose ApparelNow To Create Your Online Apparel Store

We are living in the 21st century where technology is providing unimaginable platforms through which we can grow ourselves physically, mentally, and financially. Well, if we specifically talk about the financial aspect, the outcomes can get enticing and the potential is unlimited. E-commerce is one of the most fruitful outcomes of technology and if we consider the present situation, the e-commerce industry is flourishing in comparison to retail. Moreover, people are giving more importance to online and cashless transactions since the arrival of COVID-19. As a result, it has flattened the growth of brick and mortar business industry.

If you are someone who is still following the traditional path, you are actually making a big mistake. You have to act as per the magnitude of the dilemma that the situation presents in front of you. Technology has an ace up its sleeve and here, it is in the form of an e-commerce platform. Yes, if you want to survive in this highly competitive tech-savvy world, you almost have to start your own e-commerce store.

ApparelNow- The Perfect Platform to Create an Online Store

Well, opening an online store is not as easy as it sounds. But, ApparelNow makes it super easy. Yes, you have heard it right. The company provides an online custom store platform. The best part is that you don’t have to become a tech-savvy person to operate your online store on this platform. The process is very easy and simple. You just need to fill the online registration form and then, you are ready to open your own online custom store. Well, you don’t need to have knowledge of coding and other technical things as ApparelNow will create a store on your behalf. Along with this, the company will process as well as ship every order to your customers. In return, the company will cut a little portion of the total profit of your sales. However, things are not limited here as you can decorate your online marketplace with your own customized logo as well as colors.

Why You Should Choose ApparelNow?

Well, it is quite evident that competition is everywhere and the e-commerce platform is not an exception. There are many giant platforms with their gigantic business strategies are trying to capture the market. But, the ApparelNow e-commerce offerings will not let you down. It has so many advantages that you will start believing that it is beyond an online store. The company allows you to create your own custom merchandise store. Everything from creating the online store to shipping items to the customers will be done by ApparelNow. There is something more that is elaborated below:

  • Cashback On Every Sale: Well, who does not want cashback? But, when the cashback amount becomes big, it becomes very difficult to resist the smile. This happens in the case of ApparelNow. The virtual platform offers 12% cashback on all sales.
  • No Additional Cost, No-Risk: It does not matter whether you are doing an offline business or online, cost and risk are everywhere. But, you might be surprised to know that if you do business with ApparelNow, there will not be any extra cost and risk. In short, you will be able to do a hassle-free business.
  • Manage Your Store Easefully: Well, when it comes to operating an online business, you have to pay extra attention to the management department. There will be different sectors such as manufacturing, delivery, and many more. But, if you do business with ApparelNow, you don’t need to take extra headaches. All you need to do is managing your online store. Yes, you can add new products and customize them as per your requirements. You can have your own logo and color. The best thing is that you will be able to handle the store single-handedly.

How It Works

Raising money with ApparelNow is very easy. You can do it in just 4 steps. Go through the following points to know more about it:

  • Customization: The Company will create an online store for you. But, customization of the online store completely depends upon you. Therefore, the first step that you need to do is the customization of your online store. Moreover, the more you can make it attractive, the more customers will visit your online store.
  • Promotion: After customization, you have to promote your online store. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult for consumers to find you. Nowadays, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people are preferring online store and therefore, it will not be very difficult to raise the number of customers. You just need to promote your website on proper platforms through a multi-channel strategy. You can use social networking sites or you can share the site link with your friends as well as relatives.
  • Receive Sales: After customization and promotion, you will start to generate sales. However, you don’t need to do a thing! The order processing and shipping will be done by ApparelNow for you.
  • Earn Funds: The 4th step is inextricably associated with the previous 3 steps. If you do your job well, the earning will always be on the higher side, with unlimited earning potential.

So, if you want to get the taste of success in the e-commerce platform, you have to focus on customization and promotion.

By now, you have probably understood why you should choose ApparelNow to create your online store. The foremost objective of this company is to create a platform where the merchants can do their business efficiently. The company has already created more than 100,000 stores. So, if you want a good start in your online business career, don’t just wait. Get in touch with ApparelNow today.

All You Need To Know About ApparelNow

All You Need To Know About ApparelNow

ApparelNow has always been developing your ideas and imaginations into your fingertips. We are always on a mission to give people the power to make anything imaginable through custom made apparel. The company was founded, based on the principle of giving back great business. Overall through years of service, ApparelNow has provided custom made online store platforms to more than 100,000 companies, non-profit organizations, private and public schools, teams and sports leagues, and all this without charging a dime.

ApparelNow has helped many organizations set a fundraising twist by providing effortless online fundraising opportunity. We have a wide variety of products that are ready to be customized with several types of graphic designs, logos, and artworks. Our company even takes the responsibility to produce and ship the products directly to your customers.

Apart from the customized online store, we also offer branded merchandise in our stores. ApparelNow has got a wide variety of apparel, products, and other sorts of merchandise with graphic imprints and designs directly printed on each and every clothing, shirt, baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt, coffee mug, etc. Anyone and everyone can shop anything from custom made military merchandise, national park gears, destination shirts, printed school spirit wear, and even pro sports team shirts.

How To Create An Online Apparel Store on ApparelNow in Minutes

At ApparelNow, anyone can build their online apparel store in just a few minutes. We help online store owners in building their store with different features that are readily available to be customized. Building an online fundraiser via a e-store has never been so quick and easy. All you need to do is simply fill an online registration form and voila you are just one step away from opening your very own custom fundraiser online store. While you are creating your free custom merchandise store with ApparelNow you are surely getting much more than just another regular online shop. ApparelNow helps in building the store, processing the orders, and shipping it to your customers. In return for all these, you will be getting a nice share of the proceeds from each sale! Needless to say, your online shop can be customized with your colors, and your logo to meet your specific needs.

Ordering Custom Printed Garments Have Never Been Easier

Ordering Online Made Easy: We have made ordering your custom printed merchandise very easy. All you need to do is to find your store and select your product, size, and then pick a design for us to customize. We even provide blank items with no prints on them.

Custom Printed Wholesale Bulk Orders: At ApparelNow we always provide our customers offers on bulk custom products and apparel. No matter whatever your product type is, beating our bulk product prices are really tough. Bulk orders are either six or more items.

Shopping At Our Custom Prints Online Clothing Store: At ApparelNow, we have over more than one million custom merchandise stores available for your needs. You can find thousands of custom printed shirts, embroidered hats, hooded t-shirts, and many other custom-made items at any of our stores. You can select from any of the categories you like and then start with your designs.

Shipping And Easy Returns Of ApparelNow

Almost all of our products are customized and are made only on demand. This is the reason we do not accept returns in most cases. Apart from these bulk orders, free samples, clearance items or any other promotional items aren’t eligible for easy returns.

However, under certain circumstances we accept easy returns and even offer refunds:

  • Manufactured products are defected or blemished.
  • The items you received were wrong, including wrong colors or misspelled words.
  • Items delivered in the wrong sizes.

Cancellation And Changes Of Products

In case you need to change your order, you can request the change before we have started with your order process. We cannot help in changing anything if all the order process is completed. For any inquiry related to cancellation or changes in your order, you can mail us at

For the cancellation of your order, it can only be done before we have started with the production process. In case your order has gone through all the processes, we can’t help in the cancellation of your order and the product will be shipped on the specified address. Alteration or cancellation of bulk orders is only possible on the day the order is placed.

Order Process And Delivery

Most of the online orders are processed, packed, and leaves our facility just within seven to fourteen business days. Orders are shipped either by UPS or USPS and it might take up to five to ten business days to arrive at its destination.

Getting Paid From Our Online Store Sales

After you have registered and created your e-store with us, you need to include all your payee details and information. In most cases, we send cheques for the payments. You can even track all of your sales every minute after you are done with creating your free online fundraiser store.

Setting Up Cost Our Online Store

We do not charge anything while you are setting up your online store. Your e-store can be created in minutes and it can be up for the sales. However, in some cases, artwork fees might be included, especially for designs that require embroidery files. Remember your online store isn’t only free but you can even earn a profit of twelve percent from every sale.

At ApparelNow, not only you can buy customized items and merchandise but can even become an influential entrepreneur.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

In a digital landscape pockmarked with stores and gift options, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect gift.  Studies show that many people struggle with choosing the right gift, and two-thirds of gift givers rely on gift cards when they can’t find the right gift. Narrowing in on an optimal purchase can be increasingly difficult depending on the holiday. Birthdays, anniversaries, reunions and other celebrations each present a unique challenge. How personal should the gift be? Do you really know the recipient well enough to purchase something related to a hobby?

Before you get more overwhelmed, take a breath! It doesn’t have to be that difficult. Consider a custom gift. Personalized or custom gifts have become increasingly popular, as people seek ways to connect with others beyond a material purchase. Custom or personalized gifts offer an opportunity to create something unique. Everyone likes to feel special! Thankfully, the days of relying on a custom gift kiosk in the mall are over. Online stores make it convenient to design a personalized gift for any occasion.

Looking for inspiration? Here are some gifts to consider for each occasion in your life!

Birthdays: Give them something cozy that will remind them of you every day!

  •         Blankets
  •         Scarves
  •         Mugs

Reunions: Whether it’s a class reunion or family reunion, custom apparel is always a hit!

  •         T-shirts
  •         Hoodies
  •         Beanies

Business or Corporate Gifts: Show your appreciation for their hard work with a gift they can use every day!

  •         Blankets
  •         Coolers
  •         Water bottles

What can you customize? Consider adding the recipient’s name, school, business, or hobby. Write a personal message or maybe even a joke only the two of you share. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!

No matter the occasion or celebration, one thing remains constant: thoughtfulness is the best gift of all.

Holiday Fundraising: 8 Tips for Success

Did you know that over one-third of all online donations received throughout the year are made within the month of December? When people are in the holiday spirit, they become more generous and willing to donate to fundraisers. If you’re planning a fundraiser this holiday season, keep reading to learn more about our proven fundraising tactics during the holidays. 

1. Recruit Fundraiser Volunteers

Before you can begin fundraising, you’ll need to decide who’s on your team. Invite those who are organized, professional, and have a track record of going above and beyond. Once you decide on the roles and tasks of each volunteer, you can begin creating goals for your fundraiser.

2. Set and Explain Goals

Setting and explaining goals is crucial for any successful fundraiser. Create very specific goals and share them with your team. What are the weekly, monthly, and overall goals? Explain these goals with everyone, including how the money will be spent.


3. Holiday-Inspired Events

Organizing holiday-inspired events is a fun, festive way to raise money and get the community involved with your fundraiser. Let people know about your events through e-mail and social media. Consider asking local chefs to cater your holiday event, local businesses to auction their products, or create an online fundraising store to sell your own holiday-inspired products.

4. Create a Facebook Page

Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to potentially connect with thousands of people. Invite friends, family, local businesses, schools, and churches to your page to share updates, events, and donations with your followers. Social media is one of the best ways to educate others about your fundraiser and request donations.


5. Add a Sense of Urgency

Setting a strict start and end date will spark a sense of urgency and encourage people to act fast. Communication is most important as the fundraiser end date gets closer and closer. Let people know through e-mail and social media how much money has been raised and how much more is needed to meet the goal. Consider adding a countdown to your website, newsletters, and social media page during the last week of the fundraiser.

6. Find a Social Influencer

It’s not necessary to find a social influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers. There’s a good chance there’s a local influencer located right in your city. It could be a mayor, local business, or blogger. One of the best ways to gain momentum is to ask a local influencer to promote your fundraiser and events.

7. Ask for Recurring Donations

When you ask your donors for recurring donations, they are more willing to donate more over a longer period of time. Requesting recurring donations is a challenge, but you may be surprised by the turnout! Let people know about this option over e-mail and social media. 



8. Award Your Donors

Last but not least, make sure to award your donors! There are several ways to show your appreciation for your donors. Some ideas include sending flowers and cards, highlighting them on social media, sending ‘thank you’ e-mails, or simply thanking them in person. When people feel appreciated for their donations, they are more likely to support your fundraiser again in the future.