All You Need To Know About ApparelNow

Apparel Now School Fundraiser

All You Need To Know About ApparelNow

ApparelNow has always been developing your ideas and imaginations into your fingertips. We are always on a mission to give people the power to make anything imaginable through custom made apparel. The company was founded, based on the principle of giving back great business. Overall through years of service, ApparelNow has provided custom made online store platforms to more than 100,000 companies, non-profit organizations, private and public schools, teams and sports leagues, and all this without charging a dime.

ApparelNow has helped many organizations set a fundraising twist by providing effortless online fundraising opportunity. We have a wide variety of products that are ready to be customized with several types of graphic designs, logos, and artworks. Our company even takes the responsibility to produce and ship the products directly to your customers.

Apart from the customized online store, we also offer branded merchandise in our stores. ApparelNow has got a wide variety of apparel, products, and other sorts of merchandise with graphic imprints and designs directly printed on each and every clothing, shirt, baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt, coffee mug, etc. Anyone and everyone can shop anything from custom made military merchandise, national park gears, destination shirts, printed school spirit wear, and even pro sports team shirts.

How To Create An Online Apparel Store on ApparelNow in Minutes

At ApparelNow, anyone can build their online apparel store in just a few minutes. We help online store owners in building their store with different features that are readily available to be customized. Building an online fundraiser via a e-store has never been so quick and easy. All you need to do is simply fill an online registration form and voila you are just one step away from opening your very own custom fundraiser online store. While you are creating your free custom merchandise store with ApparelNow you are surely getting much more than just another regular online shop. ApparelNow helps in building the store, processing the orders, and shipping it to your customers. In return for all these, you will be getting a nice share of the proceeds from each sale! Needless to say, your online shop can be customized with your colors, and your logo to meet your specific needs.

Ordering Custom Printed Garments Have Never Been Easier

Ordering Online Made Easy: We have made ordering your custom printed merchandise very easy. All you need to do is to find your store and select your product, size, and then pick a design for us to customize. We even provide blank items with no prints on them.

Custom Printed Wholesale Bulk Orders: At ApparelNow we always provide our customers offers on bulk custom products and apparel. No matter whatever your product type is, beating our bulk product prices are really tough. Bulk orders are either six or more items.

Shopping At Our Custom Prints Online Clothing Store: At ApparelNow, we have over more than one million custom merchandise stores available for your needs. You can find thousands of custom printed shirts, embroidered hats, hooded t-shirts, and many other custom-made items at any of our stores. You can select from any of the categories you like and then start with your designs.

Shipping And Easy Returns Of ApparelNow

Almost all of our products are customized and are made only on demand. This is the reason we do not accept returns in most cases. Apart from these bulk orders, free samples, clearance items or any other promotional items aren’t eligible for easy returns.

However, under certain circumstances we accept easy returns and even offer refunds:

  • Manufactured products are defected or blemished.
  • The items you received were wrong, including wrong colors or misspelled words.
  • Items delivered in the wrong sizes.

Cancellation And Changes Of Products

In case you need to change your order, you can request the change before we have started with your order process. We cannot help in changing anything if all the order process is completed. For any inquiry related to cancellation or changes in your order, you can mail us at

For the cancellation of your order, it can only be done before we have started with the production process. In case your order has gone through all the processes, we can’t help in the cancellation of your order and the product will be shipped on the specified address. Alteration or cancellation of bulk orders is only possible on the day the order is placed.

Order Process And Delivery

Most of the online orders are processed, packed, and leaves our facility just within seven to fourteen business days. Orders are shipped either by UPS or USPS and it might take up to five to ten business days to arrive at its destination.

Getting Paid From Our Online Store Sales

After you have registered and created your e-store with us, you need to include all your payee details and information. In most cases, we send cheques for the payments. You can even track all of your sales every minute after you are done with creating your free online fundraiser store.

Setting Up Cost Our Online Store

We do not charge anything while you are setting up your online store. Your e-store can be created in minutes and it can be up for the sales. However, in some cases, artwork fees might be included, especially for designs that require embroidery files. Remember your online store isn’t only free but you can even earn a profit of twelve percent from every sale.

At ApparelNow, not only you can buy customized items and merchandise but can even become an influential entrepreneur.