Benefits of Having Your Kids in Sports

There are many benefits to having your children involved in sports.  Participation in sports can help develop values that will have a positive impact for their whole life.  Here are some of the benefits of having your kids in sports.

1. Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Physical activity is an important part of making sure that your child is developing healthy habits.  Starting healthy fitness habits when your kids are young will help them carry on a healthy lifestyle as they get older.  Exercise is also a great stress reliever! Getting your kids away from TV, computers, and video games is an added bonus!

2. Discipline

Without self-discipline, it would be difficult to excel in sports.  Your child will learn to follow rules, abide by the referee’s decision, and take orders from the coach.  Good discipline will help your child reach their goals both on and off the field.

3. Self-Esteem

Another benefit of having your kids in sports is growing their self-confidence.  Receiving praise from the coach or a teammate is a great confidence boost!  Setting a goal and achieving it whether they win or lose will increase your child’s self-esteem.  Just make sure that you always are using constructive criticism to avoid discouraging your kids.

4.  Teamwork

Working together as a team is a fantastic way for your child to learn problem-solving skills and good communication.  It’s also an opportunity to build close friendships and attain a sense of belonging.

5. Winning/Losing

Teaching your child to be a humble winner and a gracious loser is one of the most important lessons.  There is no harm in being competitive, but how they handle the outcome is what matters the most.  Learning to cope with defeat is a valuable lesson.

6. Family Time

Having your child involved in sports is a great decision for the whole family!  Getting everyone together to cheer on the team is a great chance for bonding.  Show your support for your kid’s team with some custom sports apparel!

7. Improved Academics

The discipline your child learns from playing sports will transfer over to their schoolwork.  Not only that, but studies show the physical activity improves concentration.  As your child gets older there will likely be a minimum GPA required for them to be eligible to play their sport.



10 Way to Teach Your Kids to Be a Good Sport

Losing is hard.  It’s in our nature to want to be the best. Starting at very young age children can exhibit exactly how much they hate losing.  Whether it be losing to a sibling, daycare friend, or classmate.  An innocent game of Duck, Duck, Goose can result in multiple tantrum throwers.

It’s disappointing when the object of the game is to win and they feel like they fell short.  Losing gracefully is a hard lesson to learn, but showing your kids how to accept defeat will make the game more enjoyable for them without the constant fear of disappointment.

On the flip side, the gloating and the “In your face!” attitude isn’t any better.  It’s important to find a healthy balance no matter whether they are the winner or the loser.

Here are some tips that you can share with your kids to make sure that your child can experience the joy of being part of a team while also being a good sport.

1.  Don’t Show Off

If you’re great at what you do people will notice.  Don’t gloat to your teammates or to the other team.  It’s important to be a good sport and be humble while accepting praise graciously.  There is nothing wrong with being great at what you do.  Just don’t make others feel bad about their skill level.

2.  Follow the Coaches Instructions

Even if you don’t agree with the coaches decision it’s important to follow their instruction and wait until after the game to discuss it with them privately.  Arguing during the game isn’t going to solve anything and will just be disruptive.

3.  Abide By the Rules of the Game

Make sure that you know all of the rules of the game by attending every practice and being actively involved.  It’s the player’s responsibility to know all of the rules which will make it much more enjoyable and will also allow you to play a smoother game.

4.  Be Willing to Sit Out

Even if you are the greatest player on the team sometimes you may have to sit on the bench.  Being a good sport means that you don’t pout when it’s your turn to sit out.  Instead, use this opportunity to cheer on your teammates that are playing the game.

5.  Don’t Make Excuses

If you make a mistake learn from it and move on.  Trying to put the blame on someone else prevents you from growing as a player.

6.  High Five

Congratulating the opposing team on a win is a great way to show that you are a good sport.  Ending the game on a high note regardless of who won emphasizes the joy you gain by participating in a positive way on your team.

7.  Play Fair

Cheating is not the way a good sport goes about winning a game.  If you cheat and get caught it will reflect badly on not just you, but your team as well. Even if you do end up winning by doing something unfair, a win that was gained by cheating will feel hollow and unsatisfying.

8.  Give It 100%

You might not feel like playing every time you show up for a game.  You could be tired or just plain don’t feel like it.  It’s important that you help your teammates out and put all of your effort into the game.  Even if you’re losing the game by a large number of points you still need to get out there and play.  You can learn a lot by playing a team that has more experience than you.

9.   Respect the Officials

Arguing with the officials is going to get you nowhere other than possibly thrown out of the game.  If the call is in dispute allow your coach to discuss it with the official.  Regardless of how it ends up, you will need to accept the result whether you agree with it or not.  Ask your coach to clarify the decision for you after the game is over.

10.  Encourage Your Teammates

Encouraging your fellow teammates whether they made an awesome play or made a mistake is a great way to display solidarity with your team.  Show a united front to your competition!

Setting a good example for your kids is one of the biggest ways that you as a parent can teach good sportsmanship.  Yelling at a ref or a coach from the sidelines is not only really embarrassing for kids, but it also sets the wrong tone for dealing with real or perceived injustices.

Encourage your kids whether they win or lose.  If they made a mistake and are being hard on themselves, point out something that they did right in the game.  The goal should be to have fun and make some lasting friendships.



10 Healthy Soccer Snacks

Choosing Healthy Soccer Snacks

Your kids are exerting a lot of energy when they are out on the soccer field.  It’s important to refuel them with the right snacks. Soccer snacks should be easy, healthy, and handy.  There’s no reason to sacrifice nutrition for convenience.

While there are many prepackaged snacks that are really convenient for busy families, they are typically lacking any real nutritional value.  We’ve put together some healthy options that won’t feel like a full-time job to put together.

Don’t forget to check for allergies before passing out soccer snacks to kids.

1.Orange Slices

How could we write a blog post about soccer snacks and not mention orange slices?  Everyone remembers being on the soccer field with their cute orange slice smiles!  Plus oranges are a healthy snack that almost everyone enjoys.  Here’s a tip for easy orange slicing from the Don’t Panic Mom blog.

Healthy Soccer Snacks2. Healthy Chocolate Chip Granola Bar Bites

These healthy treats are loaded with chocolate and sure to be a hit! Recipe from Amy’s Healthy Baking.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

3. Popcorn Balls

These tasty bite-sized popcorn balls are extra special filled with caramel, apricots, peanut butter and chocolate chips.  Choose other variations to mix it up!  Recipe from Brit + Co.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

4. Fruit Kebabs

These are not only healthy, but most kids love fruit!  These are guaranteed to be a favorite soccer snack.  To make them extra special choose fruits in your soccer team’s colors! You could also try adding cheese to them. Recipe from Dinner at the Zoo.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

5. Meat and Cheese Roll-Ups

These yummy little bites are great for on the go!  Use ham or turkey and simply wrap it around string cheese! Recipe from The Gracious Wife.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

6. Nutella and Banana “Sushi”

To make this healthier you could add a little yogurt to the Nutella, or sub almond butter or a sugar-free jam.  Recipe from Kidspot.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

7. Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark

This tasty and pretty treat will be a hit with your soccer team!  You can make different variations with whatever fruits are fresh at the time.  This is also a great soccer snack that your little one can help you make!  Recipe from Courtney’s Sweets.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

8. Chocolate Chip Banana Zucchini Muffins

These easy muffins take just 15 minutes to prepare!  Make a couple of batches and freeze them for a quick and healthy soccer team snack!  Recipe from Well Plated.


Healthy Soccer Snacks

9. Cinnamon Apple Chips

This is a delicious choice for the perfect fall soccer snack!  Super easy to make and good for kids with allergies, since there are hardly any ingredients!  Recipe from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

10. No Bake Monster Cookie Energy Bites

Little will they know that not only are these healthy soccer snacks filled with M&M’s but they are also full of good for you ingredients like chia seed and flax seed.  Recipe from Love To Be in the Kitchen.

Healthy Soccer Snacks

We hope you have found some great new soccer snacks that will be a hit with your team!

High School Apparel for School Spirit

Why Buy High School Apparel?

High School Apparel for School Spirit

Creating a unified look with high school apparel for students can be a great way to boost school spirit at pep rallies, sporting events, and other student activities.  When you have a group of students all in the same spirit wear it creates a sense of community.

Whether you’re a fan, parent, student, teacher, athlete, PTA, or alumni you’re able to show your pride in the school or team with custom high school apparel and sports apparel.

Getting Students Involved

Get students in the spirit by hosting a contest at your school for who has the most spirit! They can order everything they need from the school’s free online custom apparel store.  Add some face paint and have some fun!

Another idea to get budding graphic designers in the spirit is to hold a contest to design the logo that will be used on the high school apparel.  Just make sure to choose a clean design and upload the original vector file or transparent PNG.

Don’t worry, if you need help with your artwork we are happy to assist!  A great prize idea could be that the winner gets their choice of custom high school apparel from your store.

A fun contest idea could also be to have students make posters to promote your high school apparel store.  Have the students vote on their favorite poster and the winner gets a prize.

How to Create Your Store

High School Apparel for School Spirit


We make it easy to choose and customize just what you’d like!  If there isn’t already a high school apparel store setup for your school you can set up your own store in just minutes.  Upload your school or team logo and you’re ready to go.  To see ideas on promoting your store, check out this blog post next.

How to Fundraise for your Organization

Raising money is an important part of supporting your organization.  A lot of times teams, clubs, schools, and church groups rely on fundraising to operate.  There are a lot of different ways that you can try to earn money for your group.

What Fundraising Doesn’t Work

The good old-fashioned bake sale comes to mind, but people are busy and a lot of times families simply don’t have time to deal with such a time-consuming commitment for what is probably not a very profitable return.


The days of sending your kids off to sell candy bars door-to-door are long gone and far too dangerous of an option.

Apparel sales are often a lucrative way to earn money, but typically that option comes at a price.  Someone has to be in charge of gathering everyone’s orders, sizes, and money.  That person has to place the order and then round everyone up to distribute the gear once it arrives.  It is a huge hassle for that person and often ends up very disorganized.

Sometimes organizations will try to stock some custom apparel to sell.  But how do you know what sizes to order?  How many of each?  Which will be the most popular?  Not only that, but they will often be investing in that inventory for quite some time before it sells which ties up that money that is probably needed elsewhere.

What Fundraising Does Work

SSA Stores has come up with a solution to take the hassle out of fundraising with absolutely no risk and no inventory to stock.  The best part is that your online custom apparel store is totally free to set up and only takes a few minutes.  You can even upload your own logo and choose your own colors.

Fundraising for Schools and Teams

We take care of everything!  The members of your organization can simply go online to your custom apparel store and place an order for the items that they’d like.  We will process the orders and ship them right to the customers!

So where does the fundraising part come in?  We will give you 12% back on all sales that are made in your store!  The more you promote your store, the more money that you will earn for your group.


We make it easy to promote your store with custom banners, links, and social media sharing options right in the dashboard of your store.  CLICK HERE for our detailed blog post on how to promote your store effectively.

Fundraising for Schools and Teams


In addition to those promotional methods, you can also include the link to your online store in printed material your organization distributes.  For example a printed newsletter, flyer, or church bulletin.  You could also hang up posters around your school, church, etc.

If you have a list of alumni and are promoting your new online school store, or even a class reunion sending an email to them could generate a lot of sales.

Make sure that you (the organizer) order from your new online custom apparel store right away.  When people see how great your custom shirt, hat, jacket, etc looks they will be more enticed to order.  You could also order a couple of samples to have displayed in the office of your school, church, or organization.

If you’re promoting a school spirit store, then at the beginning of the school year is the ideal time to promote your store.  Make sure if your logo changes that you update your store.

Setting up your free online custom apparel store is probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money for your organization.  We want you to succeed!  If you need any help setting up your store or promoting it we are here to help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Store

We are so glad that you decided to choose us for your online custom apparel store!  Properly promoting your store will ensure that you get the maximum cash back for your organization.  We offer a host of online promotional tools to help you promote your store.

There are several powerful ways that you can promote your store.

1.      Post a link to your store on your                                        organization’s website

2.      Email your organization with a link and                       banner

3.      Share your store through social media on                    school, team, or organization social media                  pages

Let’s get started! Login into your store to access links, banners, and share buttons as seen below and you can get familiar with how to promote your store.


how to promote your store


Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard.  This is where you can make changes to your store and access reports.  Click on the “PROMOTE” link on the left menu.


how to promote your store


This will take you to the sharing options.  We will go over each one.


how to promote your store

URL Link Sharing

This URL link will take people directly to your store.  You can copy and paste the link into an email that you can send promoting your store.  You can also post this link in online forums or blogs.  This is a quick and easy way to promote your store.  Especially if you have an email list of all your team members or potential customers.  Creating an attractive email that promotes what your store offers as well as the fundraising aspect is a very effective way to generate more sales.  You can also send out reminder emails to your list.

Text Link

Copy and paste this text link into your website HTML code for a clickable link on your website.  This is a great way to always make sure that people who are visiting your organization’s website are also able to find your store.

Social Network Sharing

Share on one of the social media sites shown above by clicking on the button.  This will bring up a box that you can customize your text in before posting.  Make sure that your text reflects that your organization will be receiving a percentage of the sales back.  If you’re friends with people who are part of your organization tag them in your post so they don’t miss it!

Sample text for Little League Grizzlies: Hey, teammates and friends of the Little League Grizzlies!  Our new team store is now online with custom apparel and gear for our Little League team!  It’s a win/win!  You get some cool Grizzlies gear and our team gets money back from all of the sales!  Thanks for supporting us!


how to promote your store on Facebook

Custom Banner

No need for a graphic designer to add a banner to your website!  We take care of all the work for you.  Just name your banner, add your URL, and choose your text for the banner.  After selecting your format, click on the continue button.  The next screen will provide you with the code to be placed where you would like your banner to appear.  Contact your webmaster if you need help with this.  For the best results make sure that you place your banner on a highly visible spot on your website like your homepage or even on multiple pages


how to promote your store


We want your store to succeed, so if you need any help with promotion please don’t hesitate to reach out!