Fundraising Events

Getting a group together for an event is a great way to raise money for your organization.  There are a lot of different types of fundraising events that you can do that are fun for everyone!  Here are some different types of fundraisers that are perfect for schools, teams, churches, clubs, and more.

Fundraising Games

People young and old love games!  The competitive aspect will encourage people to donate to play and they will also be encouraged to participate because they will have the chance to win!  Getting the prizes donated will maximize your fundraising efforts.  Here are some of our favorite types of fundraising games:

  • Jellybean Count- Fundraising EventsHave a jar of jellybeans or something else that might be relevant to your organization on display. Participants will pay a set amount to guess how many are in the jar.  The winner will get a prize or the contents of the jar.
  • Heads or Tails- Each person can purchase a ticket upon entrance to your fundraising event to participate. The person who is leading will ask the participants to stand and then choose heads or tails. They can indicate their choice by raising their hand or a card.  The announcer will then flip a coin and the winners will remain standing.  This will continue until only one person is left standing. That person will win a prize.
  • Cake Walk- For this game, you will need to collect donated cakes and then sell tickets to participate in the cake walk. You will set up a circle of numbered squares and the participants will start walking around the squares as music plays.  When the music stops the organizer will draw a number and whoever is standing on the corresponding number will win a cake!
  • Balloon Pop- You will blow up balloons and place tickets inside of them. To ensure that all the balloons look the same make sure that even if it’s not a winner you can write something on the ticket like “Thanks for playing!”. The winners will receive the prize written on their ticket. Have an assortment of donated prizes for your winners.
  • Banned Word Jar- Determine a commonly used word that will be banned during your fundraising event. It can be something that can correlate to your organization.  For example, if you are having a baseball fundraiser you could ban the word ball.  Anytime someone uses the word they will put $1 (or whatever price you have determined) into the jar.  You can raise even more money by setting a higher amount, like $20, for your guests to be able to unban and change the banned word.

Car wash Fundraiser

car wash fundraiserThe car wash fundraiser is a fun and popular summertime fundraising event!  It works great for school, church, club, and team fundraiser. Here are some tips on how to have a successful car wash fundraiser:

  • Volunteers– Find out how many people are interested in volunteering. The more the merrier!  Keep in mind that you will need more than just car washers.  You will need people to collect the money, dry the cars, and volunteers to hold signs as well.
  • Location– If your organization has a location on a busy intersection then you’re in luck! If not, you have a couple of options.  Have people holding signs on nearby busy streets and direct them to your location.  If you don’t have a physical location or don’t have one that will work, you will need to find one.  Ask permission from a local business preferably one in a high-traffic area.
  • When– Decide on an appropriate date for your car wash. You will want to try to choose a day that will be nice and hot!  Ideally, a Saturday will be the most popular time to get customers.
  • Price– You will need to decide how much you want to charge. You can choose a set price or simply ask for donations.  Often times the donation strategy will actually generate more money than a set price.
  • Signage– It’s time to get crafty and create some eye-catching signs to promote your car wash fundraiser! As stated above, have volunteers stand on high-traffic intersections near your car wash location.
  • Car Wash Time! – On the big day make sure that all your volunteers know their job duty. Also, ensure that you have plenty of the proper supplies on hand.  Don’t forget to thank your customers and have some fun!

Pancake Fundraiser

pancake fundraiserIf you are lucky enough to have a kitchen available, then a pancake fundraiser is a great option!  This fundraiser works best at a school, church, or community center.  Some things to consider for your pancake fundraiser:

  • Choose a Date– If possible choose a day where there will already be a lot of potential customers at your location. For example, if you are doing a church fundraiser you could plan your breakfast after service Sunday.
  • Advertise– Put up posters around your venue. You could send out an email to those involved with your organization.  If you have a weekly bulletin that goes out don’t forget to include it in that.
  • Volunteers– You will need at least 5 different types of volunteers: Set up, Cooks, Servers, Clean up, and Cashier. How many of each type you need will depend on how big your event will be.
  • Food– The most important part! You will need to decide on your menu first.  Obviously pancakes but you’ll want to consider offering bacon or sausage as well.  You will need to plan on beverages like coffee and orange juice.  Don’t forget the syrup and butter.  Plan on offering some sugar-free butter as well.  You can ask supporters or local grocery stores to donate the food.  Krusteaz also has a fundraising program where they will reimburse you for a portion back of their pancake mix cost.
  • Other Supplies: You will need to have plenty of tables and chairs set up. Get the paper plates, plastic silverware, and napkins donated.

TShirt Fundraiser

tshirt fundraiserA tshirt fundraiser is one of the most simple fundraising ideas.  The best part is it requires zero resources to set up, it’s easy to promote, and your customers end up with cool custom apparel with your logo on it!  To set up your tshirt fundraiser you will do the following:

  • Set Up Your Free StoreSetting up your store is easy and just takes a few minutes! You can upload your logo or Apparel Now will be happy to help you with your artwork.  You can select the colors that you’d like for your designs as well as what type of apparel you’d like to offer in your store.
  • Promote– Now you can get the word out about your new store! The dashboard of your store will contain tools to make it easy to share.  You can quickly share via social networks, get your stores URL, and find banners to place on your website or blog.  We have a detailed post with in-depth tips on promoting your store.
  • Get Money! – Now you can sit back and let us do the work for you! Apparel Now will collect the money, process the orders, and ship them out!  You will receive a percentage back for all of the sales made in the store.

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a pain!  Our goal is to help you earn as much money for your organization with the least amount of burden for you!