Getting the Most Out of Your Store

We are so glad that you decided to choose us for your online custom apparel store!  Properly promoting your store will ensure that you get the maximum cash back for your organization.  We offer a host of online promotional tools to help you promote your store.

There are several powerful ways that you can promote your store.

1.      Post a link to your store on your                                        organization’s website

2.      Email your organization with a link and                       banner

3.      Share your store through social media on                    school, team, or organization social media                  pages

Let’s get started! Login into your store to access links, banners, and share buttons as seen below and you can get familiar with how to promote your store.


how to promote your store


Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard.  This is where you can make changes to your store and access reports.  Click on the “PROMOTE” link on the left menu.


how to promote your store


This will take you to the sharing options.  We will go over each one.


how to promote your store

URL Link Sharing

This URL link will take people directly to your store.  You can copy and paste the link into an email that you can send promoting your store.  You can also post this link in online forums or blogs.  This is a quick and easy way to promote your store.  Especially if you have an email list of all your team members or potential customers.  Creating an attractive email that promotes what your store offers as well as the fundraising aspect is a very effective way to generate more sales.  You can also send out reminder emails to your list.

Text Link

Copy and paste this text link into your website HTML code for a clickable link on your website.  This is a great way to always make sure that people who are visiting your organization’s website are also able to find your store.

Social Network Sharing

Share on one of the social media sites shown above by clicking on the button.  This will bring up a box that you can customize your text in before posting.  Make sure that your text reflects that your organization will be receiving a percentage of the sales back.  If you’re friends with people who are part of your organization tag them in your post so they don’t miss it!

Sample text for Little League Grizzlies: Hey, teammates and friends of the Little League Grizzlies!  Our new team store is now online with custom apparel and gear for our Little League team!  It’s a win/win!  You get some cool Grizzlies gear and our team gets money back from all of the sales!  Thanks for supporting us!


how to promote your store on Facebook

Custom Banner

No need for a graphic designer to add a banner to your website!  We take care of all the work for you.  Just name your banner, add your URL, and choose your text for the banner.  After selecting your format, click on the continue button.  The next screen will provide you with the code to be placed where you would like your banner to appear.  Contact your webmaster if you need help with this.  For the best results make sure that you place your banner on a highly visible spot on your website like your homepage or even on multiple pages


how to promote your store


We want your store to succeed, so if you need any help with promotion please don’t hesitate to reach out!