High School Apparel for School Spirit

Why Buy High School Apparel?

High School Apparel for School Spirit

Creating a unified look with high school apparel for students can be a great way to boost school spirit at pep rallies, sporting events, and other student activities.  When you have a group of students all in the same spirit wear it creates a sense of community.

Whether you’re a fan, parent, student, teacher, athlete, PTA, or alumni you’re able to show your pride in the school or team with custom high school apparel and sports apparel.

Getting Students Involved

Get students in the spirit by hosting a contest at your school for who has the most spirit! They can order everything they need from the school’s free online custom apparel store.  Add some face paint and have some fun!

Another idea to get budding graphic designers in the spirit is to hold a contest to design the logo that will be used on the high school apparel.  Just make sure to choose a clean design and upload the original vector file or transparent PNG.

Don’t worry, if you need help with your artwork we are happy to assist!  A great prize idea could be that the winner gets their choice of custom high school apparel from your store.

A fun contest idea could also be to have students make posters to promote your high school apparel store.  Have the students vote on their favorite poster and the winner gets a prize.

How to Create Your Store

High School Apparel for School Spirit


We make it easy to choose and customize just what you’d like!  If there isn’t already a high school apparel store setup for your school you can set up your own store in just minutes.  Upload your school or team logo and you’re ready to go.  To see ideas on promoting your store, check out this blog post next.