How Are Custom Clothes Different From Ready Made Clothes

How Your Clothes Define Your Personality

How Are Custom Clothes Different From Ready Made Clothes

Well, we are living in a civilized era where apparel plays a very important role. Clothing is always considered as the coverings of limbs and torso. Moreover, it is also called the covering of feet, head, and hands. Traditionally clothes are introduced to protect our external layer of the body from natural calamity. When it comes to natural calamity, it refers to various extreme weathers such as cold, precipitation, intense heats, and strong wind. During the cold, it does not let our body temperature down and on the other side, if we talk about summer, it prevents our body from burning.

However, the reason for putting on clothes is not only a functional one. There are many social reasons behind it. If we consider the present situation, your attire will reflect your character and it is something through which you can create a solid impression upon others. People belonging to different cultures put on different types of clothing. Moreover, we wear different clothing in different situations, and depending upon these, we now have different types of clothing available in the market such as an undergarments, bottom garments, top garments, swimwear, party wear, nightwear, workwear, sportswear and many more. Well, if we try to find out the differences, we will have an endless list. Here, we will make a brief breakdown of the manufacturing point. Yes, in terms of manufacturing, there are mainly two different types of clothes- custom clothes and ready-made clothes.

There is a debate or a kind of ‘cold war’ running between these two industries. Most people prefer readymade clothes whereas some people love to put on custom clothes. Everything has its own advantages as well as disadvantages. Go through the following points to know more about it:

Custom Clothes

Well, custom clothes refer to tailor-made customized clothes. In this case, the customers can make their clothes as per their requirements. Everything starting from measurements to stitching is done manually and the fitting always remains perfect. Custom clothes or tailored clothes indicate luxury and durability and if you can invest a good amount of money and time, you will definitely have a brand consumers like. Custom clothes last longer and they deliver a alluring beauty and enchanting look. It does not matter whether you are putting on a custom formal cloth or custom party wear, you will definitely become a point of attraction in the crowd.. Here, we have added some positive aspects of wearing custom clothes. So, don’t miss to go through the following points:

  • Custom Fit: Well, fitness is the most important concern when it comes to clothing, and custom clothes or tailored clothes are something where you will not find this issue. This is probably one of the reasons why people invest in custom clothes. Here, the tailor takes all the required measurements from your body and on the basis of it, clothes are made. If you are making summer wear, you can make it loose and on the other side, you can go with close-fitting for the winter wear. Moreover, if you are going for party wear, you can make it close-bodied as it will create a solid impression upon others. However, the final call will be yours. If you love wearing loose and unfastened, you can go with it.


  • Enchanting Styles and Cuts: Well, people believe that readymade clothes come with enchanting styles and cuts. But, it is not at all true. Tailoring is a professional career and if you give the proper direction, you can achieve what you want. You can make it as per your shape. You can customize the taper, pleats, gussets, width, collar shape, and many more. Moreover, if you choose any professional tailor, you don’t need to speak much as their experience will let them know your requirements. The best thing is that you will never get such cuts and styles in readymade clothes and therefore if you want an enchanting look, tailored clothes will be an ideal option for you.


  • Efficiency: If you invest in tailored clothes, they will never let you down. Therefore, there will not be any compromise with quality. Clothes purchased from department stores might not last long and the clothes might have disputes. But, you will not experience such a thing in the case of custom clothes.

Ready-Made Clothes

Readymade garments or readymade clothes are considered as the mass-produced textile products of the garment industry. The study of anthropometric is inextricably related to readymade clothes. These are not custom clothes; these clothes are made on the basis of the anthropometric study. There is a generalized measurement in the case of readymade clothes and different types of fabrics as well as yarns are used to make such garments.

If we talk about the present situation, the popularity of readymade clothes is increasing day by day. Because of its mass production, it is always available in the market and everyday new designs are coming in the market. Various online platforms such as ApparelNow are selling readymade clothes at a very reasonable price. One of the remarkable differences between readymade clothes and custom clothes is availability. Yes, in the case of readymade clothes, you don’t have to wait as you will get it whenever you want. Moreover, these are available in different sizes and so, there will not be any issue regarding the size. The price is also pocket-friendly and you can even get premium readymade clothes at a very pocket-friendly price at ApparelNow.

By now, you have probably understood the differences between custom clothes and readymade clothes. Now, the entire thing depends upon you. You can choose whatever you want.