How to Fundraise for your Organization

Raising money is an important part of supporting your organization.  A lot of times teams, clubs, schools, and church groups rely on fundraising to operate.  There are a lot of different ways that you can try to earn money for your group.

What Fundraising Doesn’t Work

The good old-fashioned bake sale comes to mind, but people are busy and a lot of times families simply don’t have time to deal with such a time-consuming commitment for what is probably not a very profitable return.


The days of sending your kids off to sell candy bars door-to-door are long gone and far too dangerous of an option.

Apparel sales are often a lucrative way to earn money, but typically that option comes at a price.  Someone has to be in charge of gathering everyone’s orders, sizes, and money.  That person has to place the order and then round everyone up to distribute the gear once it arrives.  It is a huge hassle for that person and often ends up very disorganized.

Sometimes organizations will try to stock some custom apparel to sell.  But how do you know what sizes to order?  How many of each?  Which will be the most popular?  Not only that, but they will often be investing in that inventory for quite some time before it sells which ties up that money that is probably needed elsewhere.

What Fundraising Does Work

SSA Stores has come up with a solution to take the hassle out of fundraising with absolutely no risk and no inventory to stock.  The best part is that your online custom apparel store is totally free to set up and only takes a few minutes.  You can even upload your own logo and choose your own colors.

Fundraising for Schools and Teams

We take care of everything!  The members of your organization can simply go online to your custom apparel store and place an order for the items that they’d like.  We will process the orders and ship them right to the customers!

So where does the fundraising part come in?  We will give you 12% back on all sales that are made in your store!  The more you promote your store, the more money that you will earn for your group.


We make it easy to promote your store with custom banners, links, and social media sharing options right in the dashboard of your store.  CLICK HERE for our detailed blog post on how to promote your store effectively.

Fundraising for Schools and Teams


In addition to those promotional methods, you can also include the link to your online store in printed material your organization distributes.  For example a printed newsletter, flyer, or church bulletin.  You could also hang up posters around your school, church, etc.

If you have a list of alumni and are promoting your new online school store, or even a class reunion sending an email to them could generate a lot of sales.

Make sure that you (the organizer) order from your new online custom apparel store right away.  When people see how great your custom shirt, hat, jacket, etc looks they will be more enticed to order.  You could also order a couple of samples to have displayed in the office of your school, church, or organization.

If you’re promoting a school spirit store, then at the beginning of the school year is the ideal time to promote your store.  Make sure if your logo changes that you update your store.

Setting up your free online custom apparel store is probably one of the easiest and most profitable ways to earn money for your organization.  We want you to succeed!  If you need any help setting up your store or promoting it we are here to help.