How to Start a Fundraiser

how to start a fundraiser

If you’ve been assigned the job of starting a fundraiser for your organization, it can seem overwhelming at first.  Fundraising for your school, team, church, or club is a great way to raise money!  Here are some tips on how to start a fundraiser.

Fundraising Goals

how to start a fundraiserFirst, you will want to determine how much money you are trying raise and set a goal.  Are you trying to raise money for uniforms?  How much will it cost to outfit your team?  You will also want to keep in mind any upfront costs for your fundraiser.  If you are running a raffle fundraiser and can’t secure enough donations for prizes where will the money come from to pay for them?  If you plan for these things ahead of time you can avoid disappointment.

Fundraising Volunteers

how to start a fundraiserYou will need to make sure you have enough help on hand for your fundraiser.  You will need to find reliable volunteers so you can be assured that you won’t end up trying to do everything yourself.  Depending on what type of fundraiser you choose, you can recruit other parents, teachers, coaches, or students and teammates.  Remember that in addition to the volunteers you’ll need to perform the duties specific to your fundraiser, you’ll also need someone to oversee the money and someone to promote your fundraiser. Make sure that you provide your volunteers with the appropriate equipment that they will need for their task and they have been given proper guidance.

Fundraiser Legalities

how to start a fundraiserMake sure you research the legalities of the type of fundraiser you decide to run.  You will also want to speak with someone regarding tax deductibility.  You may be required to provide acknowledgment letters to donors.  The best way to make sure that you have your bases covered is to speak with a professional.

Fundraiser Type

Now to decide what type of fundraiser you’d like to do.  We have a post full of fundraising ideas and also one with some fundraising event options.  We will go over different types of fundraisers.

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events are a great way to get everyone together for a fun time while raising money.  Some different types of fundraising events are raffles, bake sales, auctions, car wash, pancake feed, and a carnival night.  These all involve extensive planning and organization.  For most of these, you will need to secure a location large enough to hold your event.  Many of these also involve getting adequate donations for prizes (raffle, auction, etc).  For more tips on fundraising events check out this post.

Product Sales Fundraiser

Fundraising sales will usually allow you to get kids more involved in the fundraiser.  With so many options to choose from like chocolate bar fundraisers, wrapping paper sales, cookie dough fundraisers, Krispy Kreme fundraiser, coupon books, etc, it can be overwhelming to choose which one is right for your organization. You will want to carefully review each product to determine not only which one you think will be most appealing to your audience but also which one offers the most percentage of return on sales.

Online Fundraisers

There are many different types of online fundraisers.  You could go with a crowdfunding option like a Go Fund Me fundraiser and just flat out ask people to donate to your organization.  If you are fundraising for a charitable organization, you can sign up for Amazon Smile.  Amazon also has an affiliate program if you have a website.  Facebook has a fundraising option which is great if the majority of your potential donors use the social media sharing site.

One of the most simple online fundraisers is the tshirt fundraiser.  This how to start a fundraiserworks so well because it’s really easy to set up and your donors receive something in return.  Your store will be offering more than just shirts though!  There is a wide selection of custom apparel and accessories that will have your logo on them.  It’s free to set up your online store and it just takes a few minutes.  We offer built-in promoting tools to make sure that you maximize your fundraiser!

We want to make sure that your tshirt fundraiser is a success!  If you need any help setting up your store please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!