How Your Apparel Defines Your Personality

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How Your Apparel Defines Your Personality

It is rightly said that “a person is known by his address and his dress”. Personality development plays a big role in the overall development of a person. It helps in significantly enhancing a person’s self esteem. Sometimes it is very important to know what you are wearing. Try finding out if the dress actually looks good on you or not. An individual needs to be extra careful of their built, body type, weight, and complexion when trying on custom made clothes. Remember what you wear can inform your passer-by about your employment type, as well as your emotions, you’re ambitions and your spending habits. As of now, the way you dress can be typically called a whole new type of psychology.

“A well-dressed boy is better than a man wearing a dirty looking suit” explains that how you look is regardless until and unless you have a personality driving next to it. A person can anytime create a look but never create a personality. Style and clothing help in giving you the charm to hold on to that personality for as long as you are keeping up with it. Remember whenever you dress good, you look good and you feel good. With all that said, here are seven dress codes that help in telling people if you are snob, confident, approachable, and insecure.

  • T-shirt: People who tend to wear t-shirts are often perceived as a very practical and easy-going person. No matter if it’s a classy looking polo or an old t-shirt, people will be surely drawn towards you just because of the reason you exude an aura of fun. It symbolizes that you never pressurize yourself too much about your attire and even don’t judge others on what they wear.

T-shirt not only portrays a casual outlook but even helps in telling the world that there are much more than those clothes you wear. It clearly says that you are more interested in interacting with others rather than only focusing on your daily fashion. Well, this might be the reason why we always spot CEO’s like Mike Zuckerberg in a t-shirt doing a conference with other dignitaries.

  • Jeans: Much like a t-shirt, jeans are also known to portray a casual, free-spirited, and easy-going look. Wearing jeans shows your practicality and freedom towards the task you have. Jeans are also versatile in nature, which means it can be worn in both your office or your weekend camping program. 

Apart from this, the effort you put in your dressing helps people in pointing out your personality much better. A person who is dressed in oversized jeans and sneakers is surely not putting much thought into what they wear. Although there can be times when you can be judged as careless, others might conclude that your perception of clothing is not something that can define you. If the pair of jeans you are wearing is of spot styles like ripped or distressed then you are just about fashion. This can make you appear appealing and stylish to both the genders.

  • Boots: Boots often show a sense of power. For the ladies, a pair of nice boots help in complementing femininity and also generates a very strong fashion sense. For men, boots often define masculinity, machoism, and the alpha male character. In case you pair boots with leather jackets, then you surely have a bad body.


  • Hoodies: Hoodies generally portray either one of two things. First is that the person wearing a hoodie is either timid or shy or prefers to remain mysterious to other people. On the other hand, hoodies that are styled in textures, patterns, or cool fabrics can show your taste towards fashion. Wearing multi-colored or bright hoodies shows a sense of adventure or energy.


  • Solid Colored Dress: Mostly solid colors are preferred by those who are precise and direct in nature. These colors are worn by people who like to steer clear and simple. Mostly the individuals who wear solid colors never appreciate it when others don’t see the world as white and black as them. In most cases, these people are stubborn and might dismiss you if you aren’t direct.


  • Branded Clothing: Branded clothing is all about portraying your social class. Most of the fashion houses are always praised in magazines, streets, television, and even music videos because their labels are expensive and people who buy them like to show off their successful and wealthy lifestyle.


  • Suits: People who tend to dress in suits are mostly perceived as formal, sophisticated, and complex. Suits tend to exude a sense of power especially in corporate areas and even acts as a symbol of success outside the office premises. Anyone wearing a suit can earn the title of “SIR” with lots of adoration from others, especially from that of the female gender.

Clothes are an extension of our personality. They help us in telling people a lot about us, where we come from, and what we think in our life. If there’s one advice we can give you, it would be to dress yourself according to what you feel for yourself. At ApparelNow we help in providing customized clothing with graphic designs, artwork, and logos. With us, you can shop anything from national parks gear, military merchandise, printed school spirit wear, or even pro sports team shirt. You can even create your free online fundraiser store really quick and simple. Your e-store can be customized with your colors and logos that can help in meeting your specific needs.