[Infographic] The Dos and Don’ts of Your High School Reunion

Your high school reunion coming up and you are nervous about it.

Here’s a secret, though. Everybody else is nervous, too!

“It’s common for high school reunions to trigger anxiety about appearance and status,” explains psychologist Mary C. Lambia.

As we age, most of us become detached to the self-conscious emotions we exhibited as teenagers, but at class reunions those old insecurities have a tendency to resurface.

Nevertheless, high school reunions provide a wonderful marker of time for your own life and the lives of those you grew up with. And the vast majority of those who attend their high school reunion, however reluctantly, report that the event was important to them, and that the experience wasn’t nearly as daunting as they had imagined.

“At some level you know the judge is in your own head, not in the minds of your former classmates,” adds Lambia

So don’t fret (too much). Go to the reunion. Grab some custom made high school gear, show your school spirit and get ready to mingle and reminisce with the people you were brought up with! And before you go, check out this helpful visualization of the DOs and DONTs of your high school reunion, brought to you buy Apparel Now and our partners at AlumniClass.com.