The Best Fundraising Ideas to Help Defray The Costs of Youth Sports

Participation in youth sports is valuable in many ways to the growth and development of young people. They help instill the values of sportsmanship, teamwork and collaboration, and striving to achieve a group goal. 

But as any parent knows, they can be expensive. Raising money for the team is often a necessity to cover travel costs, safety equipment and other expenses that vary by sport. 

The good news is that communities are generally very eager to chip in to support their local youth sports teams, especially if they are engaged with the right fundraising campaign!

Here are some of the best:

Food Truck Partnership

Partner with a some of the trendy, local food trucks and bring them on-site during games and pep rallies scheduled to generate community support for the local teams! Here’s how it works: The truck owner gives your sports club a percentage of the sales on a designated day or night of the event for all the customers that your organization brings to their business. Most of the time the truck will limit their availability to specific times of the week; usually one their slow days or nights.

A food truck fundraiser requires virtually no planning and very little investment from your group. If the truck owner requires a flyer or coupon to be presented for your group to receive credit, it is very easy to create these items yourself or in some cases the food truck owner will print those up themselves.

Why does a food truck participate in this type of fundraiser? It makes the truck look good. Giving back to the community enhances their corporate image. It gives them long lines on what otherwise might be a slow night. And it also introduces clientele to the food truck that might not visit otherwise.

Custom Apparel Store

With a partner such as Apparel Now, you have the ability to create your free custom merchandise store with us you get so much more than just an online store. We build your free store, we process and ship every order and in return we give you a portion of the proceeds from every sale! Your store can be customized with your logo and colors to meet your specific needs.

You can create an online store in minutes. And, it’s free. We can add your custom apparel directly to your store so supporters can pick their colors, styles, and sizes as well as shop for our other products or give a cash donation. Learn more about an Online Fundraising store or click the button below.

Local Discount Cards

At its heart, discount card fundraising is a simple process: your local sports team goes out to local stores, restaurants, retailers, etc., and asks them to join your fundraising effort by offering a discount of 10-50% to anyone who presents your discount card to the business.  Your non-profit then goes out and sells the discount card for anywhere from $5-$50 to raise money for your group.

Discount cards are a win-win for all parties involved: local businesses get to help the local youth ball club AND generate extra business without taking out expensive advertising, your supporters get to make a donation to your organization and save money at businesses all over town, and your youth sports organization raises much needed funds in a fun and energizing way.

Silent Auction

As we all know, finding new prospects for your organization is tough.  Then, once you find and engage a new prospect, you have to cultivate them, and then try to get them to buy support local youth sports by becoming a volunteer, serving on a committee, or giving a gift.  The goal, of course, is to create a real connection or relationship between the youth sports programs and the person or company you are pursuing.

Silent auctions shortcut this procedure by making it easy for new prospects to find out about, be engaged by, and get involved with your youth sports team.  There are two main types of new prospects that silent auctions bring into your donor universe, item donors and item bidders. 

Item donors are generally local businesses that can be compelled to donate items to help support your team. Bidders are, naturally, those in the community that attend the silent auction event (often held over the course of several days) and bid on the items with all proceeds going to your sports team.