The Five People You’ll Run Into At Your High School Reunion


“My how you’ve changed since high school!” is a sentiment we all get sick of hearing, but what hasn’t changed is that when your class gets back together, your high school is just as full of colorful characters as it was when you graduated.

Whether it’s been ten, twenty, or fifty years, whether they were the Prom Queen or class clown, some people never change…but you can always pick out these five people from the crowd. Consider this your handy field guide to former classmates you’ll find at every school reunion.

#1. Voted ‘Most Likely To Succeed’ ….and Didn’t

We all love a good success story, but who doesn’t like a little schadenfreude that comes from seeing the guy voted “most likely to succeed” show up to the class reunion in board shorts and a hoodie despite being well into his 50s and a severe case of ‘failure to launch’ instead?  

In a high school class of hundreds, there are bound to be plenty of wash-ups, or rising stars that never quite reached the heights everyone expected for them, and they’re sure to show up when the class reconvenes for its periodic reunions – some to reconnect with old friends, some to mooch off a night of free food!

#2 The Chatterbox

“Oh my God, my life is so great, hashtag blessed” gets old quick, but there’s always one (or more) at your usual reunion! The person who won’t stop talking about how many life-changing experiences they’ve had, all the things they’ve accomplished and places they’ve been. They’re “living the dream” while you and your other classmates work 9 to 5 to raise a family and make ends meet. Maybe they got rich after school or maybe they just never grew out of the jet-setting lifestyle they were raised in, but one thing is for sure: they sure can talk a lot about it!

#3 From ‘Not’ to Hot (And Vice-Versa)!

Age changes all of us, and high school reunions are a great opportunity to see just how it has impacted your friends and former classmates. New wrinkles and curves pile up every year, so if your high school reunion has an open bar, now’s the time for a drinking game!

At least one of your former classmates will have gone from beauty queen bombshell to trainwreck-in-a-dress, and some of those bespectacled, brace-faced nerds will definitely have grown up into jaw-droppers by the time of your ten or twenty year reunion, so don’t be too shocked if your one-time crush or that prom date you turned down has completely changed for better or worse.

#4 The Real Success Story

Remember that classmate who had ambitions towards becoming president someday? Well now they’re a state senator at the age of 32! That’s right, every class has the success story, that one student who went above and beyond and really crushed that whole “adulting” thing.

Or maybe it’s something less tangible than that – maybe your old classmate was an underachiever who barely graduated, only to completely turn their lives around and are now respectable, clean, and cooler than you’d ever think they could’ve been back when you were in school. It’s these real success stories that show you how much people can really change over the years!

#5 The Star Athlete Who “Could’ve Gone Pro”  

If he hadn’t injured his ACL in senior year, he could’ve been a pro! Talk about team spirit, this guy won’t let it go! The star athlete may have been the most popular man on campus 30 years ago, but everyone else moved on. He still can’t let it go, however, and is trapped reliving the glory days. We’ve all seen this guy lurking by the punch bowl, snagging whoever he can to talk about the big game where he took the school to the championships. It never gets old for him, but it’s old news for everyone else.

Maybe another drink or two will take the edge off, and who knows, you might enjoy hearing those tales of the “glory days” for the 30th time!

There’s one (or a hundred) in every crowd, right? No matter who shows up to the reunion, you’re bound to have a great time seeing where your friends have gone in life. Cheers to another exciting high school reunion!