What Happens When You Ask 1,000 Colleges for a Free T-Shirt?

In 2018, Youtuber Caleb Kim was a senior in high school. One afternoon, he began researching different colleges when he came across a blog that inspired him to ask over 1,000 colleges for a free t-shirt. He gathered the email addresses for every single college in America and created a template in Microsoft Excel. The next day, over 1,000 emails were sent to college admissions across the country. 

Roughly a week later, the rejection e-mails and spam mail started pouring in. Caleb began to get discouraged, thinking that his idea didn’t work. The next week, however, the packages started rolling in. Post office crates were filled with t-shirts and left on his doorstep from universities and colleges like Columbia College, University of Rhode Island, Weber State, and Mercy Hurst University. 

The increase in packages piqued the curiosity of the mailman, Caleb says, “I have to wonder sometimes if my mailman thinks I’m some kind of celebrity or something because we get loads of packages every single day.” To his surprise, some packages contained more than he expected. He also received mints, hand sanitizer, a fidget spinner, and a collection of lanyards.

Social media has made it easier than ever to explore creativity and reach thousands of people in unique ways. Caleb proved that everyone is within reach when you engage the right channel! Do you want to show off your high school, college, or university? Have you considered creating your own online store to raise awareness for a cause, or show your team spirit? Customize your own t-shirts, raise money for a fundraiser, or give as a gift to family or friends. Find your school or create your own store today!